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ANNOUNCING The New MRAZEK a Call for 2002 Ambassadors,
and Double Referral Points

We`ve been down the proverbial long and winding road at Mrazek and after more than ten years of crafting beautiful performance bicycles we have settled on a course we intend to follow from here on out. Having sampled the waters of the mainstream bicycle world for quite some time now, it has become very clear that both our identity and our preferred direction are someplace different.

We realized that the joy of our work is being able to make bicycles so special that the riders of Mrazeks seem to develop an incredible bond to them that somehow goes far beyond the typical rider/bike connection. We also realized that our other key joy was being able to work very closely with the
majority of our riders in selecting and outfitting their Mrazeks and getting to know them better and better through the years as they continue to enjoy  their bikes.

What does it all mean and what`s new? Well, actually, not that much. We`ve always been a small framebuilder and that is what we will continue to be. For 2002 our maximum production will be 300 framesets. The only difference is that we won`t be striving to hit the mainstream anymore. That means primarily factory direct sales including much more attractive prices,
smaller just-in-time production runs, and a completely grass roots promotional approach.

On the latter note, we wanted to introduce our 2002 Ambassador Club and encourage each and every Mrazek rider to participate. Since more than half of our bikes go out based on referrals from friends, we want to emphasize how
helpful and important it is for us that you give us a hand in spreading the Mrazek word. We would love it if every rider could make it a top priority goal over the next few weeks to earn your stripes ( the New 2002 Jersey ) by
helping at least two friends discover the joys of Mrazek. Send them to our new Specials page at the website and they`ll surely find something.

Complete Bicycle Referral Incentives Include:

1 Referral Earns the New 2002 Mrazek T Shirt

2 Referrals Earn the New 2002 Mrazek Jersey

3 Referrals Earn 2 Wheels of Mrazek V Brakes

4 Referrals Earn a BOH FX or BOH F1 Frameset

5 Referrals Earn a BOH RD or BOH FS Frameset

Referrals are tallied like points and can be redeemed just once. Referrals to sale items and framesets are worth half points.

** Double Points for MAC Referrals Through 1/1/02 **
** 1x Referral = '02 Mrazek Jersey 2x = BOH FX or BOH F1 **

In addition to talking Mrazek up in your closest circle, successful Ambassador promotions have included submitting links to our website, posting with the internet newsgroups and chat rooms, or even organizing your own Fun Ride. Another great way to introduce people to us while also benefitting a
good cause of your choice is the Mrazeks for Good Program of discounted bikes being available for fundraising auctions and raffles.

In other news, we`ll be spreading out in 2002 with Jeff heading to Japan this December for a couple of years where he`ll be trying to catch up with his bilingual daughter. He will still remain the main point of contact at Mrazek with a new emphasis on E Mail to avoid groggy phone conversations due to the time zone difference. You can make his move lighter by getting an
early start on your Ambassador referrals and sending friends our way this fall. Did we tell you we’re counting on you?!

We recently formed a new relationship with Ritchey Design and will be including their parts in most of our build kits for 2002. We have always respected Tom Ritchey`s penchant for light weight high performance designs and jumped at the opportunity to work with his company on a larger scale. You
can see our new options on the mrazek.com Kit page and get full details at ritcheylogic.com.

Finally, National Cross Country Champion Kirk Molday has been a friend of ours for quite awhile now and has offered to serve as a consulting coach for up to 10 riders. Kirk has a reputation for wise training that produces steady improvement. His fee generally runs $150 per month for 30 minutes of
consultation weekly. Contact us at Mrazek if you are interested in a spot.

We`ll look forward to hearing about everyone`s fall rides and we`ll also get to work on making more BOH FS frames (they are hot!), as well as, T-Shirts and Jerseys to reward those Ambassador deeds. Thanks in advance and please know we truly appreciate your support.

Best to You,
Boh and Jeff

Mrazek The Ultimate in Specialty Bicycles, Service, and Value
www.mrazek.com (541) 385-4748

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